As a leading provider of Premium Quality Photo Magnets, for over 20 years, Nashville Magnets thought it would be a great fit to team up with local artists and photographers from the Nashville and surrounding area to promote their creative works. 

We are in the process of partnering with emerging and established creative talent to give them a new medium for their art and photographic works. Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, all are invited to partner with us [must be 18 years of age or older].

Request Membership to start selling. Simply submit your information and we will be in contact. All are welcome to participate from the Nashville and surrounding area. We will provide a marketplace for your work and a direct link to showcase your collection on your Website or Instagram page. 

Nashville Magnets Partners - Artists and Photographers

Never seen our product ? Well, submit an art piece or photograph, and we will forward a sample so you may see the quality of our magnets. It's that simple.